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When asked about egg freezing we were surprised to learn that over half of you would like to freeze your eggs for later in life and that if you had frozen eggs available after completing your family, that a generous 48% of you would donate them to another couple, allowing them to fulfill their dreams of parenthood.

These findings are very encouraging. It seems that more and more of us accept that life doesn’t always go to plan and that although we hope to fall in love, and have children during our most fertile years that this does not always happen.

By freezing our eggs we are giving ourselves more opportunities and preparing ourselves for the worst.

Dr. Gill Lockwood agrees that egg freezing enables women to bypass the current fertility crisis, allowing them to ‘have their own genetic child at a time of their chosing’.

With 30% of women now childless, and an ever falling birth rate, perhaps a focus on infertility prevention through egg freezing would be a wise move. A recent survey by Red magazine found that a quarter of women over 35 wished that they had frozen their eggs when they were younger.

As the average age of mother hood gradually increases, egg freezing is a subject on which more light needs to be shed.

Conversely Professor Gedis Grudzinskas an independent fertility specialist, says that when it comes to fertility ‘the biggest challenge is how to stop women delaying their first child.’

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