Results of fertility survey
Intended parents – gay, widowed, single
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Intended parents – gay, widowed, single

It seems that the majority of you were quite conservative when it came to who you thought would make suitable parents. Overall, you would prefer a child to be born to a single mother than to a same sex couple with 50% against same sex couples having the right to assisted conception.

However nearly half (40%) of you were in favor of same sex couples having children, leaving 10% of you undecided.

Many of those on the fence about this issue, could be concerned about the possible outcomes for the child growing up in an unconventional family set up. Director of the Midland Fertility, Dr Gill Lockwood, assures that ‘all evidence suggests that children born into same-sex relationships enjoy a very good quality of parenting'.

UK law now states that fertility clinics cannot discriminate against potential parents because of their sexuality, race or on any other grounds. Natalie Gamble, the UK’s leading fertility lawyer, says that clinic’s must focus on ‘the welfare of the child and the need for supportive parenting.’

Another interesting result was that only 53% of you said single women should have the right to fertility treatment, but contradictorily 80% of you thought that women who were widowed should have the right to artificial insemination with their deceased partner’s sperm, even though they would effectively become a single parent.

When a woman conceives alone, Gamble says it is important for her to ‘make a will to provide for her child. The legal side of things have to be considered very carefully when there is only one named parent involved.

She adds that, ‘Men with sperm in storage should make sure that they have all their paperwork up to date if they would want their partner to be able to use their sperm if they die.’


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