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Have sex regularly


Have sex: Get pregnant © Stockbyte
Have sex: Get pregnant © Stockbyte

Have sex regularly

This one sounds obvious doesn't it - but having sex regularly enough to conceive is critical to getting pregnant - funny that.

So how often should you be doing the deed and how many times do you need to do it before you can test positive for pregnancy?

According to a survey by First Response the average couple will have to make love a total of 104 times before falling pregnant.

Dr. Mike Smith of First Response said: 'Having sex 104 times before falling pregnant does sound rather a lot, but as they say practice makes perfect.'

'Trying for a baby is a very exciting time for a couple and many try to have sex at every opportunity in order to get pregnant.'

Of course if you are going to have sex 104 times it's probably a good idea to spread this across the course of a few months; the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence advise having sex 2-3 times a week, every week, to boost your chances of having a bubba.

There are all sorts of ovulation calendars, charts and conception planners available for you to have fun with, but these can often stress couples out as they put pressure on you both to make love at very precise times.

The more you have sex the more likely it is that you will become 'with child' - the logic is obvious, and whilst there is plenty of advice on when to best have sex in order to conceive, if you remember to just keep on behaving like a couple of bunny rabbits, it can only help.

Once you've made love stay lying down and rather than make a run for the loo or the shower, try a post coital cuddle - it'll make you feel all lovely and crucially will keep your partners sperm inside you for longer. Hurrah.

So how long will it take until I get pregnant?

Generally speaking it takes most couples about one year to fall pregnant - about 84% of couples. For others it can take longer.

Stats suggest 92% of couples can expect to get pregnant after 2 years of trying, but most couples are advised to visit your doctor if you have tried for a year without success.

Younger women are more fertile so the earlier you start trying the easier it is to fall pregnant. The average woman in her early 20's takes 4-5 months to fall pregnant.

For women in their early 30's it takes an average of 7-10months, whilst for women in their later 30's often fall pregnant after 10-12 months of trying.

The statistics are reassuring as even in their late 30's 65-70% fall pregnant within a year of trying to conceive. Of course it helps if you and your partner are in good health so as well as having plenty of sex there are lots of other things you can do to maximize your chances of getting pregnant fast.


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