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© BANANASTOCK LTD / Jupiterimages

Primary school teacher, Annabelle Linthwaite finds the statistics unsurprising – she undertook a similar study while working at an inner-city school in South London in 2007.

Interviewing 30 children between the ages of 5 and 11, Linthwaite discovered the children at her school weren’t so interested in career but in lifestyle.

“The majority of the children I spoke to said they wanted to be rich and famous when they grew up” she said.

When asked the question ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ answers included:

'I want to be a celebrity and be on Celebrity Shocking Moments'

'I wanna be Rihanna, she's a pop star, she's got a great voice and a fit body.’

Only one child expressed a desire to be a lawyer, whilst another said she wanted to sing in a choir.

Linthwaite also asked the children what they thought they would need to do to fulfill their ambitions? Again the answers were less about qualifications and more about looks:

'In order to be a celebrity I will have to look pretty and keep slim and have good walking skills'

'I have to be pretty and have a good singing career. I have to have a fit body and a nice image and be able to get a boyfriend and have mates to go in my dressing room.'

'To be a lovely celebrity I will have to be skinny and be loved and go out often so people throw money at me. I will also drive a limo, a pink one.’ 




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