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© POLKA DOT / Jupiterimages
© POLKA DOT / Jupiterimages

Tracy Williams from Wales takes a slightly dimmer view of her son’s future ambitions:

“Cassius has informed me, that he is going to be a footballer, wear a green shirt, play for Conwy - a local and not very successful team - and drive a big white car! Oh joy!” Tracy said,

“There was me thinking he would want to be something like a fireman or a doctor!”

However Tracy remains unsurprised by her son’s ambitions...

“I decided I wanted to be a page 3 model when I was 6, either that or an opera singer...

"I didn't do either in the end, still I guess you can't knock the kid, he’s just like his mother!”

In fact, the study found that there is a strong division between the genders of today’s youngsters.

Playing professional football, being an astronaut and joining the fire fighting service topped the boys’ career choices, while girls are more likely to be dreaming of taking to stage and screen or joining the medical profession.

Cassius, 3, dreams of playing for Conwy FC
Cassius, 3, dreams of playing for Conwy FC
Megan and Mitchell Brown’s son, John, 11, also wants to be a footballer when he grows up.

“I want to be a famous footballer like Wayne Rooney” he said, “so I can get lots of money and build houses in Africa.”

The Brown’s are naturally pleased with their son’s altruism but are nevertheless concerned with his career choice:

“I worry that if he goes for it, his career might be short lived or disappointing to him,” said Megan.

“There’s always the possibility that he could play as professional footballer but that doesn’t just mean Manchester United - he could end up playing for Accrington Stanley!”

“There’s no doubt he can play”, said Mitchell, “but I still think he should have a back up plan. We’ll make sure he understands that he can still build houses in Africa, even if he doesn’t become the next Rooney.”


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