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Watch This Mom Hilariously Call In To C-SPAN And Chew Out Her Sons On-Air

Dagney Pruner
by Dagney Pruner Published on December 17, 2014

Bipartisan brothers Bard Woodhouse, a democrat, and Dallas Woodhouse, a republican, were on C-SPAN to promote their new documentary on bipartisanship. When they started taking calls from the public they got a surprise when their mother called them in to try and get them to "stop all the bickering." Naturally, hilarity ensues.

C-SPAN is known for it's very serious nature, documenting everything that happens in politics a la scintillating Congressional hearings. Bard and Dallas Woodhouse went on the program Washington Journal to discuss their new documentary called "Woodhouse Divided," which discusses the pros and cons of bipartisanship in Washington comparing it to growing up in a house that was also split across party lines. Like we said, not the most exciting stuff to hit TV.


However, when they went to the phones to take calls from the public, you can see the men's faces suddenly look like they got caught sneaking out of their bedroom window to go to a party when a sweet old granny from North Carolina calls. "Oh God, it's Mom."

She has some epic one liners including when she tells the men she hopes they got their bickering out of the way at their in-laws over Thanksgiving because she won't be tolerating it at her house at Christmas. God bless moms and their ability to bring even the most seemingly mature of men to their knees.

Check out the hilarious exchange here:


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by Dagney Pruner