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This Mother And Her 4-Year-Old Daughter Dancing To Beyoncé Is The Ultimate Mother-Daughter Relationship

Dagney Pruner
by Dagney Pruner Published on March 24, 2015

A mother-daughter relationship is one of the most precious things in the world. So when mother and choreographer Tianne teaches her daughter named Heaven, the cutest child to ever to ever grace the planet Earth, how to absolutely slay it on the dance floor, we basically started ovulating. Here's why you should be obsessed with this duo who is taking over for Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson as the coolest mother-daughter relationship ever.

I am convinced that Ellen Degeneres has a sixth sense when it comes to finding the most adorable children in America who have absolutely no problem going in front of a massive studio audience and hamming it up BIG TIME. It's a gift all talk show host wannabes should possess. Well, Ellen struck gold again when she found mother Tianne and daughter Heaven on YouTube. Tianne is a NYC based choreographer who created the genetic miracle that is oh-so appropriately named Heaven. Heaven started to learn how to dance with her mom and made her first Ellen appearance at the age of two. Because all two year olds know how to lay out an eight count and drop it like it's hot?


In full disclosure, I am the absolute worst at knowing what kids "should" be able to do by a certain age. I have no idea what a two year old should be capable of. Should she know how to talk? Does she know how to use the microwave? Is she allowed to watch HBO? However, I DO know that it is insanely impressive for a two year old to spend hours rehearsing a routine, remember it, perform it front of a studio audience and then absolutely CRUSH her interview with Ellen Degeneres. I think this girl Heaven went to the same interview charm school as Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone.


I think we can take a few minutes out of our day to commemorate what an awesome relationship Tianne and Heaven have, because what better to bond over than Beyonce?

They get to share a passion from a very young age

I am very close with my mother, we both enjoy drinking wine, we have the same sense of humor and like discussing modern feminism. However, we could do none of these when I was two years old, so it's especially heart warming to see a mother and a daughter get to share a passion together from such a young age. This duo will be able to do this together until mom Tianne needs a walker. That's a recipe for a healthy mother-daughter relationship long term if you ask me.


Why have secrets when you have so much in common?

I'm like 85% sure my mom knows who Beyonce is, she might even be able to whip out a few steps from the Single Ladies dance. However, a mom that can rock an Adidas track suit, choreograph a bangin' dance to 7/11 and has abs her daughter will aspire to by senior year of college probably will have a pretty open relationship with their daughter. I doubt Heaven is ever going to feel like she needs to sneak out of her house to see friends, lie about where she was on Saturday night or not confide in her mom when it comes to boys. I think every mother-daughter relationship could use this type of relatability and honesty.


No lack of confidence here

I am convinced that more than half of girls' problems and heartbreak growing up come from insecurity. It breeds all sorts of catty girl behavior, bad health habits and questionable taste in boys. However, Tianne teaching lil' Heaven how to command a crowd, be proud on stage and teach other young girls how to dance in their workshops is no breeding ground for insecurity. If you couldn't tell from her interviews on Ellen, Heaven has more confidence than almost every girl on my freshman hall combined. Thanks to her mom, I don't envision her needing to tear other girls down to build herself up or fill any gaps in self confidence with the bad boy in school.


Did I mention she's super cute?

In addition to all of the great character development Tianne and Heaven are doing, let's not overlook the equally important fact that Heaven is possibly the cutest girl to ever be on the Internet. I hope one day my genes are capable of producing a girl with even half as much talent, sass and great interview skills.


And don't worry, Queen Bae has already bowed down to Princess Heaven:

You can follow Tianne and Heaven on Facebook here.

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