School phobia: solutions for school phobia
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Treatment for school phobia: treating a fear of going to school


Where do you start with the treatment of school phobia?
The issue with finding the right treatment for school phobia is that you need to identify the source of the problem, but the source isn't necessarily where you might think it is.

Start by asking your child questions, or discreetly asking their friends without giving the impression that you're leading an investigation that could make them feel uncomfortable.

Sometimes a simple altercation in the playground can take on extraordinary proportions, and it doesn't take a lot to get your child back on track again, and treat their phobia.

Beware of hidden problems
But remain vigilant because behind a school phobia can hide more serious problems.

The reasons for school phobia vary with age. Secondary school pupils, for example, are more bothered about brands of backpacks or watches than primary school pupils are.

If, despite all your attempts, you can't get your child to talk, you need to look at getting some outside help. Speak to your child's teacher and your family GP who will be able to advise you on finding a solution.
Is taking them out of school an option?
Taking your child out of school isn't a good alternative. If your doctor recommends it initially, and for a short period of time, you should consider it as an emergency solution, with the eventual aim of your child returning to school.

Naturally, the stakes aren't as high if your child is taken out of school at primary school than at secondary school when they have important exams to prepare tor.


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