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Potty training tips from an expert


© Philippe Vaurès
© Philippe Vaurès
Follow the advice of child psychiatrist Marcel Rufo to make potty training your child that bit easier.

1- Wait for the right moment. The moment needs to be right both psychologically and physically: the child should be able to walk and say "wee" and "poo".

"The child should want to be "big" and they must have a good, calm relationship with their mother," notes Marcel Rufo.

2- Let your child go at their own pace. "Avoid any kind of pressure: it can often have the opposite effect". However, it's recommended to encourage and congratulate them.

3- "During the summer, let your child go without nappies" as much as possible (on the beach, in the garden, etc.) They will enjoy the feeling of freedom. Logically, when you put a nappy back on, and they soil it, it will feel unpleasant. The potty will therefore seem like a good solution.

4- Let them learn through their own experience. "All chidlren are fascinated by what they've left behind in their potty. They want to know what it is they've just expelled from their body". Let them look and answer any of their questions.

5- Don't necessarily try to potty train your child for both day and night time simultaneously. On average it takes 28 months to be fully potty trained in the daytime and 3 years at nighttime, according to a 1960s study led by the famous American pediatrician T. Berry Brazelton.

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