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Parents' potty training stories: solutions and ideas for potty training a toddler


Laura, mum to Ronan, 18 months
One day, I left Ronan to walk about without his nappy on and I explained to him that the potty was for weeing in. He weed alright... on the floor!

I carried him over to the potty with wee dripping everywhere. The next time, he asked for the potty. His dad and I gave him a round of applause: he was so proud of himself! 

Astrid, mum to Emma, 8 years, Sarah, 6 years and Amos, 3 years
For all three of my kids, I used the same method. From two years onwards, I told them they were "big" now, that I trusted them and that there were no more nappies in the day or at night!

There were a few accidents of course (which I never told them off for) but they quickly became toilet trained.

Justine, mum to Anna, 3 years and Ivy, 2 years

I put a potty out for my daughter and explained what it was for.

She gradually learned, and realized by herself that it was much nicer not to be all wet. She was using the potty in the daytime at around the age of two, and I'm using the same method with Ivy.

Lisa, mum to Amanda, 2 years
My daughter isn't fully potty trained at the moment and she hasn't quite got to grips with asking me for the potty when she needs the toilet. But at certain times of the day (first thing in the morning and before bath time), she gets on fine with my help. It's a good start!

Charlotte, mum to Alma, 6 years and Leo, 3 years
I used the same strategy for both my children. When I thought they seemed ready, I regularly told them the same story about a character who was learning to go to the toilet: a little wolf for my son and a little princess for my daughter.

By listening to these stories, they wanted to do the same.


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