Overweight children and childhood obesity: how to help an overweight child

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 - Overweight children and childhood obesity: how to help an overweight child
Chubby children are sweet, but when they get a bit older, many parents start to worry about overweight and obesity problems. Doctors are becoming increasingly vigilant, and no wonder when you consider that 60% of the adult population in England is overweight,* and one in three children is either overweight or obese.** 

How do you tell if a child is obese, overweight, or just a bit chubby? Learn how to tell if your child has a weight problem, and how to tackle it. Remember, the sooner problems are detected and addressed, the sooner overweight children can be helped on their way back to a healthy weight. 

* Source: Association for the Study of Obesity
* Source: Health Survey for England 2004 (link to NHS study)

Useful links:
- Government page on childhood obesity (link)
- International Obesity Task Force (link)

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With thanks to Dr Alain Bocquet


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