Happy Kids Happy You: linguistic techniques for parents
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The book is not a picture postcard of idyllic, unachievable family life, Sue does recognize that we cannot possibly we happy all the time but "it is about seeing the influence our mood has on situations and getting that sense of balance." Put simply, if you start out thinking that this is going to be a bad day, chances are you will have a bad day!

Another technique recommended is to copy abilities and qualities you admire in your kids, this not only acts a great compliment to your child, it also helps you understand and explore what it is to be them. Sue describe the book as a toolkit and it does deliver a comprehensive set of solutions to coping with different challenges including a Quick Reference Guide that can help you get to grips with types of behavioral challenges. But, as Sue concludes, the greatest joy is to be gained by living in the now. "The challenge of parenting is also a gift. It is the ability to engage, moment by moment, with the wonder and potential that your child brings to the world. In so doing, you are touched by their force: a force that calls you to be present, to discover and realize the potential in yourself."

Happy Kids Happy You is published by Crown House, priced £14.99
and available from Amazon here

Sue Beever will be giving her next round of workshops in Harrogate
North Yorkshire on Tuesday October 20th 2009 with a follow-up on Tuesday November 24th. Contact her through www.happykids-happyyou.co.uk website for bookings and details of more courses.


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