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Growing your own vegetables


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The squad has got its work cut out, as the National Trust survey of children aged 8-12 years revealed that 42% hide their greens under other food on their plate so they don't have to eat them.

Another 30% throw vegetables in the bin when no-one's looking, 23% sneak them on to someone else's plate, and 17% feed greens to the family pet.

The survey also found that children's favorite vegetable was sweetcorn, followed by potatoes and carrots. Strawberries were the most-loved fruit, and the Brussels sprout remains children's most hated vegetable.

Kids who try to hide their greens might learn to like them a little more both by planting some of the National Trust seeds and reading the Growing Vegetables Is Fun! magbook, which tells children all about growing vegetables at home.

The magbook, which includes some vegetable seed packs for kids to get started, features advice from Blue Peter gardener Chris Collins, information about different seeds and plants, advice on how to plant them indoors and outdoors, and a scrapbook and seed diary.

The magbook's author, Emma Cooper, says: "Growing vegetables is great fun - kids can play in the dirt and get muddy without being told off, and watch tiny seeds grow into enormous plants.

"What's more, when the plants are fully grown they'll have tasty treats they can pick and eat themselves, or share with their family and friends."

As well as growing at home, gardening at school is a great way to encourage green-fingered kids. And as part of its Campaign for School Gardening, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has this week launched Get Your Grown-ups Growing, to bring teachers, pupils and local adults together to develop school gardens.


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