Keeping kids safe on holiday
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Guidelines, pool, safety, children, drowning

Guidelines, pool, safety, children, drowning

Heer are some guidelines to follow around the pool:

- Never leave a child alone next to a pool or water reserve. 

- Never take your eyes off them (don't snooze or read).

- Designate one adult in a group to keep an eye out, otherwise everyone will think someone else is watching the children.

- Make sure your children wear armbands or floating devices (and make sure they work) until they can swim properly. 

- Teach them to swim as soon as possible (from the age of 6 onwards). Preferably give them lessons with a teacher. Before the age of 6, familiarize them with water and teach them water safety: you don't lean over the side, you don't jump in unless there's an adult there, you don't ever go in the water on your own, etc. And if they don't stick to your rules, no more playing in the water!

- Make sure there's a high lifeguard-style chair and a lifebelt or ring next to the pool.  Always keep a mobile phone on you.
- Never leave toys floating in the pool after you've been swimming (it encourages them to go in after them).

- Keep any cleaning/maintenance products out of the reach of little ones. 

- Learn and revise life-saving procedures to use if someone is drowning (see the Red Cross for information). 


Sarah Horrocks
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