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Are video games dangerous for children?


In theory: "Video games raise some classic questions: are they suitable for my child's age, ability and understanding?" It's parents' responsibility to read the packaging and guidance to make sure that the game is suitable, and to determine whether the game can bring anything to your child. What about the issue of social isolation that video games can cause? "This is mostly in people's imagination," says our expert. "Reading isolates us a lot more than video games, but people don't see reading as a social problem! There's actually a very social aspect to video games: they can be played together as a famiy or as part of a network over the Internet."

In practice:
video games that are suitable for your child are OK, but they must have an appropriate place in your child's everyday life. It's your role to make the right choice of game and to fix the amount of time that can be spent playing it.
"The problem isn't the video game but the amount of freedom that you give your child. It's a question of education. Make sure your child knows what they do and don't have the right to do. How much free time does your child have? How will the game help your child from an educational point of view? How much independence do they have? Each family will find and set their own terms."


Parenting Editor
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