Tantrums with fewer tears
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The painful learning curve - stick to your guns


 - The painful learning curve - stick to your guns
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For me, dealing with my daughter’s tantrums has been an often painful learning curve. Experience has shown me that arguing or getting angry myself is counterproductive. The best way of coping is to just let her get on with it.

Giving in – as I have been guilty of doing in the past – is not the answer. Sticking to your guns helps in the long run. Also, it’s worth remembering as Penelope Leach says: ‘However unpleasant your toddler’s tantrums are for you, they are much worse for her.’

Just always remember to soothe her all better afterwards. Donna concludes: ‘Sometimes you just have to wait it out and it does pass.

When it does, give her a cuddle to reassure her and let her know nothing has changed, you’re not angry and you still love her just as much as before.’


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Article Plan Tantrums with fewer tears
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