Tantrums with fewer tears
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Less and more - dealing with a tantrum


 - Less and more - dealing with a tantrum
Karen with Milo and Jarvis
For some mums though, Donna Burnett being one of them, toddler does not equal tantrum. Her daughters Rebecca, now 16 and Laura, now 11, breezed through the ‘terrible twos’. ‘I can hardly remember any tantrums when my girls were small,’ she says. ‘There was the odd occasion but I found the best thing to do was to ignore it.

‘You have to be in charge. Say no and mean no.’

For many of us tantrums don’t end when our child leaves toddlerhood – my daughter is now aged eight and still has her moments, to put it mildly.

Karen Jones is in the same situation. As mum to three boys, including five-year-old twins Milo and Jarvis, she is well versed on the subject of tantrums. ‘It is definitely harder dealing with twins. The noise level for a start and being able to deal with them both at the same time when they are both having tempers is a nightmare. Particularly when out in public I have learned that the quickest way to end the tantrum is to walk away from them. They soon stop and run after you.’


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