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10 of the Best Mom Vloggers on YouTube That You Need to Follow

Emma Goddard
by Emma Goddard Published on March 3, 2015

Being a mom isn't easy, whether you're a stay-at-home mother, you work a full-time job (though mom life basically is a full-time job), or both. Basically, we should praise moms everywhere for everything they do for the world. However, since it's impossible for me to thank every single mom out there, I do want to express gratitude to these 10 wonderful women who are some of the best mommy vloggers out there. Illustrating both the joy and hardships of being a mom, you'll love their insight.

1. Kandeeland


Although you might know YouTuber Kandee Johnson best for her flawless makeup tutorials, the outgoing and perky vlogger is also a mother of four. Yes, that's right, four! From creating adorable recipes for her children (e.g. a baked potato shaped as a hippo), to featuring her kids discussing their favorite books and toys, Johnson makes being a mom look so effortless.

2. itsJudysLife


With videos like "Workout with Mommy" and "Exciting Mommy Makeover", Judy is a sensation on the YouTube scene with over a million subscribers. I totally understand all the hype because her videos are hilarious and super sweet. Plus she features her husband and children who are so freakin' adorable.

3. MommyandGracieShow


The most heartwarming thing about this mother's channel is that she features her daughter in almost every single video. The two are obviously quite close and are super goofy together. If you're looking for a true mother-daughter bond, you can find it right here!

4. ohgeeitsbri


If you go back far enough, you'll see that this lovely mama used to focus primarily on beauty tutorials, which of course everyone loves. Yet once she was pregnant, there was an obvious transition from beauty guru to mommy vlogger. Rather than mascara and lipstick tips, this mom now focuses on themes like non-toxic toys you can get for your children and how women can use cloth diapers. She offers advice that every new mother can use.

5. CarahsLife


Carah Amelie gets real about parenting in her honest videos detailing her life as a mom; it's so refreshing! Funny things you can find in a mother's purse? Post-partum pregnancy stories? Amelie discusses everything you could possibly imagine about the mommy life.

6. SocialCommon


Founded by Catherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer make the cutest mommy vlogging duo ever. The two talk about anything from tips on how to become a "momtrepreneur" to festive family fashion. Friends since high school, Belknap and Telfer even have their own company called Social Common, which is a social club of sorts dedicated to mothers, allowing them to connect with each other and discuss everything about motherhood.

7. Raising the Barrs


Watching this mama, her hubbie and kids interact in these videos will make you smile. During one vlog, the entire family takes a trip to a video store (ah, the good old days), while in another, Alison discusses her heartbreaking diagnoses when she learns that she has scoliosis, arthritis and spina bifida. Although most of the family's videos are lighthearted, a few of them illustrate just how tough it can be to be a mother.

8. TheBells PlusOne


Ever wanted to give your baby a curly fro-hawk? Well the Bells discuss that, what happens when babies try to jump out of their cribs, and a super sweet video of their baby girl calling her grandmother on the phone.

9. The Dodge Family


Doting mother Kimmy documents her family's life and posts videos every week - true dedication for being a full-time mom. Taping Christmas hauls (for her daughter that is) and baking delicious-looking recipes, this mommy's videos will make you feel like you're actually part of the family. Also, her daughter's name is Emma, so clearly I'm just biased.

10. DearNaptural85


If you haven't already, you'll absolutely fall in love with this mommy vlogger and her family! Not only does Whit update her YouTube channel almost daily, but her videos of her daughter Olivia are absolutely precious. I mean I couldn't help but laugh and smile when I saw the video of Olivia serenading us in "Will Sing for Cupcake." Also, a toddler workout plan? Ugh, too cute!

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This article was written by Emma Goddard. Follow her on Twitter @egoddardhokie.

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