Bedwetting in children: your questions answered
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Tips for coping with bedwetting in children


 - Tips for coping with bedwetting in children
ere is a list of practical tips to help you and your child cope with bedwetting:

> Don't let your child drink too much at the end of the day. Of course, you mustn't deprive your child of their daily water requirements. It's important that they drink enough throughout the day. However, it's helpful to reduce the quantity of water after tea time. And avoid giving your child a glass of water before they go to sleep.

> Make your child go to the toilet before going to bed or after their bedtime story. Going to the toilet should be the very last thing your child does before heading into the land of slumber. Ideally, it should be your child who thinks of it, without you having to remind him/her. After the bedtime story, a trip to the toilet then night night!
> Easy access to the toilet. If the bathroom is too far away, place a potty next to the bed and a night light so your child doesn't wake up in the dark, and so they can find their way around easily.

> Give your child some independence. Make sure their pajamas are easy to take off and that there's a change of pajamas at hand, just in case.
> Between the ages of two and five: it's important to show encouragement. It's important to help and encourage your child, you should never tell them off. They don't wet the bed deliberately and they certainly don't do it to annoy you. It happens when they're sleeping, in other words when they're unconscious and they therefore aren't responsible for leakages.

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