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Amusement Parks and Crafting Hell: 11 Kids Summer Activities Parents Secretly Hate

Carla Cain Walther
by Carla Cain Walther Published on August 4, 2014

Whether you're a stay-at-home parent or working mom, summertime with kids is HARD. Your daily routine is completely taken over and you find yourself trying to fill up days with fun summertime activities your kids will love. Unfortunately, that means you're also doing things you'd never choose to do. Here are 11 kids activities that kinda suck for you parents.

Lemonade Stand

Lemonade stands sound like a great idea in theory but forty-minutes into the activity you'll regret the day they were born. Your entire kitchen is sticky with lemon juice and sugar, and your kids seem hell-bent on drinking all the lemonade before you can even sell it! At least they'll collapse soon after the sugar rush...

Amusement parks

The money! The heat! The anxiety over losing your children! Don't even get us started on the inevitable puke you have to clean up after a bumpy roller coaster. Then the hysterical crying when mommy refuses to go on a certain ride. Ughhh, can Six Flags and Dorney Park just evaporate from the earth please?

Bookstore Sing-a-Longs

Singing children's songs for two hours at 9AM in a bookstore is not mom's idea of fun...especially on a Thursday morning.


OK, museums are fun for adults. However, trying to get your kids amped about a day at the local children's museum can be oh-so difficult.

Once you do drag get your kids there (because you're a parent who makes sure her kids are cultured), they whine about going to the museum café for pastries the entire time. Ahh, parenthood.

Arcade Centers

Three hours of ear-splitting gun noises from games that can induce epileptic fits? No thanks.

Sand art

This should be considered an adult activity from now on because when it comes to kids and sand art, you'll be cleaning up that mess a week after the activity is over!

Water balloon fights

Pelting water balloons at each other is fun, but kids have trouble understanding that when the balloons are gone the fight is over.

​So as you're cleaning up balloon debris in the backyard, your kids are dumping buckets of water on you and laughing maniacally while you try to remember all the reasons why you love them.

Candy Arts & Crafts

No matter how amazing that marshmallow/toothpick sculpture looked on Pinterest, your children are more interested in eating the supplies rather than creating houses and castles out of candy.

Kid Swaps

Sure it's cute to see how excited your kids get when they know their friend is coming over for a full day. Yet, that doesn't mean it isn't torture to have someone else's child spend the day at your house, turning his nose up at your snacks, and loudly claiming that he has a better toy collection than your kids.

Collecting bugs

So you showed your children how fun it is to trap lightening bugs in a jar, but now they've started collecting creepy crawlers of all kids! JUST...NO. PLEASE NO.

Making desserts

Once kids know how easy it is to make popsicles or how often the ice-cream truck rolls around, it's ALL THEY WANT TO EAT. Every twenty minutes they're pulling on your shirt sleeve asking, "Can we have popsicles or ice-cream or blueberry pie?" NO! How many Spongebob popsicles can one kid consume?!?

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