Advice for flying with children: taking a flight with a baby
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Before setting off on holiday as a family


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Choose destinations that are suitable for children
Good preparation begins with the choice of a suitable destination. Taking into account the unique environment of an airplane (dry air, reduced atmospheric pressure, less space for playing), we would advise avoiding long flights with very young children.
Check your child's health with the family doctor
Before flying, check with your doctor. They will not only be able to provide you with information about required vaccinations, but also establish whether your child is in good health and able to travel by plane trouble-free.

You should ideally see the doctor a few days before departure as well so they can react in time to any potential post-vaccination complications.
Reserve your seats in advance

If you're traveling with a baby, inform the airline or your travel agent at the time of making the reservation.

Children who reach the age of two during the trip must have their own seat, charged at the child fare, for the entire trip.

For example, on long-haul flights, Lufthansa provides special baby cots that can be reserved in advance. The cots are available for children weighing less than 14kg and measuring less than 83cm, and are completely free of charge.


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