Can women really have a pain-free labor?
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“A very different experience”


Dr Emma Tregenna used hypnotherapy to help her give birth for the second time

Emma Tregenna, 31, was one mum-to-be who was aware of hypnosis in childbirth through her profession as a doctor. But, it was only when she had a bad experience during labor with her first child, Jago, that she was determined to try anything the second time around.

And, when she gave birth to her second child, Kara, her labor went almost exactly as she had hoped: she was at home, surrounded by candles and music, with only her husband, Ben, and a midwife present. No fear, no anxiety, and, moreover, minimal discomfort.

“This was a very different experience to what I had the first time round,” said Emma, who has now retrained as a HypnoBirthing practitioner.

“I had a Caesarean with my son in Oct 2007, because he was breech, but found the whole experience quite traumatic because having originally planned a home-birth I was hospitalized with high blood pressure two days after finishing work at 38 weeks. I hated being in hospital and discharged myself, only for my waters to break the following morning.

“I found the Caesarean a very clinical experience with little respect for the fact that this was the birth of my child and felt quite angry afterwards.

“So, when I fell pregnant for the second time, I decided to try HypnoBirthing. This time around, it was a beautiful calm home birth. It made such an enormous difference.”


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