Boardroom reform: it's our future and we're in charge

Boardroom reform


Race is on © Mindy Gibbins-Klein
Race is on © Mindy Gibbins-Klein
50 years after women have officially entered the professional world and taken control of their own economic fate, they now 
  • earn almost 60% of university degrees in Europe and North America (56.6 % in the UK)
  • make up almost half of the UK workforce (46.7%)
  • lead successful businesses and self-made enterprises. 
Never before have women be as educated, determined and prepared to take senior positions. And never before have companies been in more need to breed their future leaders within their female employees: As demographic change shows its effects, shortages of highly-skilled workers have become a reality. 
"The planned reform of the boardroom to better incorporate gender equality isn’t a battle between men and women, but about who is able to best demonstrate their ability and who's most deserving of a place at the table.",  author and business founder Mindy Gibbins-Klein says. 

The new reform will also not be limited to the boardroom but could revolutionize leadership and business culture as a whole: Rather than becoming mere replications of present leaders, women now have the chance to introduce a new type of leadership.

As Gibbins-Klein points out: "There are plenty of women with real skills and determination to make it to the top; they just need to put themselves in the running and prove they are real thought leaders." 

Thought leaders is a term being used to acknowledge leadership that is recognized as innovative, futuristic and courageous. It had first been introduced in 1994 by a set of business interviews with interviewees whose new ideas merited attention. 

"The race is now on as women take up the challenge, and men may have to fight harder to keep their positions." says Gibbins-Klein, "Men will begin to face fiercer competition, as women start to fight their way to the top. It’s ironic that a focus on gender equality will actually result in a debate which isn’t about gender at all. The new battle is about who is the best person for the role and we will increasingly see that it is those who can demonstrate real thought leadership that will gain the top seats."

This new type of leadership will ultimately transform the current business culture of long working hours and constant availability to name but a few traits: According to government figures, 87% of executive candidates rejected a job because of work-life balance considerations. In return, employers who have introduced work-life balance improvements especially those targeted at families, have seen a 50% increase in productivity. 

Having more women in senior positions is not a matter of 'if' anymore, but a matter of 'when'. Women have to be prepared to take on the responsibility they have fought for. And companies need to acknowledge that having more women is not only good for business but a necessity in order to survive. 

Mindy Gibbins-Klein is best known as founder of The Book Midwife® and co-founder and managing director of Ecademy Press.

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