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Manicured eyebrows


 - Manicured eyebrows
Kylie Minogue - manicured brows © LE FLOCH PASCAL/SIPA
I let the master choose my fate - after all Shavata probably knows better than I do what will suit my face.

She gets to work with threads pulled tight through her teeth. I am a threading virgin and expect the worst as I'm asked to pull the skin taut above my left eye - eeeeek. I'm pleasantly surprised. Threading is not as dreadfully painful as I'd imagined.

However a perfectly shaped pair of eyebrows is only the beginning of a truly manicured look.

"My two favorite products are a pencil and a gel" Shavata tells me, her own gorgeously arched, dark brows, drawing together as she tries to imagine life without either. "I could go without a pencil just about but never without my gel."

I make a mental note to invest in eyebrow gel, immediately after this appointment. Shavata has a small scar that runs through her eyebrow - invisible to the naked eye - that causes her hairs to grow downwards. My problem is hairs near the bridge of my nose seem to want to grow in the opposite direction to the rest.

"Everyone has hairs that grow towards the nose around the center" Shavata tells me, "That's why we always trim."

Hang on... trim?!


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