Salon Vs DIY: summer beauty at home or away?
Salon vs DIY: flab free
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Salon vs DIY: flab free

In an era of quick fixes , it’s easy to be cynical of these wonder weight loss treatments that claim to offer more immediate results than a healthy diet and exercise, but when we heard about the revolutionary new Lipastyle treatment our curiosity got the better of us!

It's described as a non-invasive alternative to liposuction, and uses low frequency ultrasound to affect the elasticity of the cell membrane in stubborn fatty areas, releasing the fat like ‘a broken egg shell’, which is then flushed away by the lymph system and used as energy.

You are encouraged to cut out alcohol, sugar and white flour during the treatments, and to exercise immediately afterwards so that the ‘melted’ fat from the specific area is burnt off first. It also claims to provide long-lasting results, as the cell membranes are permanently damaged and no longer able to store body fat.

wewomen’s reviewer says: "After discussing which area I wanted to tackle (I chose my love handles) I lay on a bed and the technician started stage one of two. The first stage opens up the pores to make sure the skin is optimum to accept ultrasound - this took about 10 minutes on each side, and my skin felt really strange afterwards, a bit like honeycomb!"

"The second stage does the job of breaking down fat cells and took 20 minutes each side - after this stage the area felt even stranger; like a bag of jelly where all the fat had been broken down! It’s not painful, although it can get a bit uncomfortable near the bone area (the hips for me), but you get used to it very quickly."

"During the first week I stuck rigidly to the diet, went running about five times, but drank to excess three times! (oops!) I lived like a saint the second week though - and despite the initial blip I’ve already lost two and a half centimeters from my hips."

"Plus my body shape has really changed - my hips look significantly shaved down and I can see my love handles sitting differently when I lie down! I’m really excited to see the results after a full course of six treatments- I’m amazed by the results after only two."

From £120 per session (depending on area being treated) (For outside London)

Cassie Powney
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