Salon Vs DIY: summer beauty at home or away?
Salon vs DIY: Hair be gone
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Salon vs DIY: Hair be gone

A recent survey revealed that searches for IPL and laser hair removal have doubled in just one month, suggesting that women are more willing to part with money for long-lasting, pain-free results when it comes to hair removal.

IPL (intense pulsed light) works by using light to target the pigment in the hair. Upon absorption the light is converted into heat, which then breaks down the hair follicle and lessens the chances of re-growth over time.

It usually requires about 3-6 treatments to take visible effect, but promises permanent hair removal once the treatments is completed.’s reviewer says: "I had to shave on the morning of my treatment, which was great as it meant I didn’t have to grow my leg hair really long! The technician covered the area with a thin layer of protective gel, and then ran the hand-held laser over the top of it."

"It was mildly uncomfortable, like the ping of an elastic band against my skin, but the pain was only fleeting. I was told I’d receive good results as my skin is fair and my hair follicles dark, meaning they could easily be picked up by the light. "

"I’m on my third treatment now and already noticing quite a dramatic decrease in the hair on my legs. I know someone who has completed her full course of six treatments and apart from a few fine hairs and the odd stray, she’s virtually hair free - so I’m hoping my results will be as successful as hers!"

Ellipse I2PL hair removal
From £50 per treatment depending on area
Lower Legs & Knees £250 per session, £1250 a course.
(The course includes 6 appointments however the 6th is free).

Cassie Powney
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