Invisible braces: Inman Aligner review

Invisible braces: Inman Aligner review


Inman Aligner review: Clear Aligner 

The Clear Aligner ©
The Clear Aligner ©
So I’ve had the Inman Aligner gently straightening my teeth since the end of July, and it’s finally come to the stage where I can downside from my Inman Aligner to something altogether much more discrete to finish off the last stages of movement. 

Essentially what I’m now wearing is a Clear Aligner, it's pretty much invisible – no metal, no springs, just a very thin plastic, transparent mold of my teeth that fits over them perfectly - keeping my brace-wearing a total secret. 
To get them fitted, I had to undergo the usual blue goo process where an impression of my (ever changing) smile is taken then sent off to the lab to create my thinner brace, which arrived two weeks later – it was just like Christmas! 
Dr. Tim Bradstock Smith fitted the brace, clipping it onto my teeth. It immediately felt tight, but this sensation only lasted a matter of minutes. 
Downsizing to the more invisible brace is the best way to finish off any final tweaks to your teeth – it’s less intrusive, and means that you can talk properly, shut your mouth properly and best of all, won’t drool all over your pillow at night. And of course being on this smaller scale brace is a sure sign that I’m nearly at the end of my teeth straightening journey.

I’ve been given two of these Invisalign braces and have to wear each of them for two weeks – they’re each numbered with a black dot. Like the Inman Aligner I have to wear them constantly for at least 20 hours a day to get the maximum movement in the smallest amount of time, but wearing a brace that doesn’t make you lisp is a dream come true so keeping them on at all times is much easier to do than the Inman Aligner. Plus they have the added benefit of making your teeth appear extra white and shiny, so what's not to like?

Usually this part of the process is only for a week or two just to finish off your treatment, but of course this can change for each customer.

In my case I am going to have to wear the Clear Aligner for about eight weeks. My dentist could see that wearing my Inman Aligner for the required minimum of 18 hours a day was a problem for me, and that to get things moving along more rapidly that this was the best way to get the smile I’ve always wanted. 
The Inman Aligner does become a part of your daily routine and you do feel guilty when you’re not wearing it, but nonetheless, keeping it in when out drinking or socializing can be awkward, whereas with this new version, the aptly named Clear Aligner, I’m happy to be seen in it by anyone and everyone, because, of course, you can barely notice it is there at all! 

The Clear Aligner is easy to pop in and out at mealtimes and won't hamper kissing (unlike the Inman Aligner which while it is effective at what it does, it's just not sexy).
My teeth do feel a little sensitive but any discomfort really is minimal. For me it's the best invention since make-up came into my life.

 Happy days. Not long to go now before I will be brace free. After this stage in the process I will have to wear a retainer at night and may have a bar fitted behind my teeth to keep them in place. 

And while the whole process of straightening my teeth has taken a lot longer than I'd thought when going into it, (those straight teeth in six weeks people are lucky buggers) I wouldn't change anything about my experience. It's easy to get used to wearing an adult brace, it's simply a matter of purpose over pride, and it makes you look younger too!

Watch this space to see the before and after pictures! 


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