Invisible braces: Inman Aligner review

Invisible braces: Inman Aligner review


Inman Aligner Review - half way through

So I've had my brace in now for a good few weeks, and gradually it's become part of my day to day routine.

I wear it to bed at night, pop it out for break-fast and pop it back in again for work. I walk in it, talk in it, take the tube in it, go for drinks in it, and mostly forget that I am even wearing it - even speaking has become much easier.

The only thing I really find difficult to do is smile in an alluring way at cute guys in bars, or on my way to work. Even if it is technically 'invisible' - there's still something a little adolescent about grinning with this much plastic and metal in your mouth:

My new smile: The Inman Aligner - in place in my mouth (and yes I have invested in Jolen since this photo!)
My new smile: The Inman Aligner - in place in my mouth (and yes I have invested in Jolen since this photo!)

Of course, there have been some challenges with my Inman Aligner brace, but mostly ones involving my pride and the letters F, S and U. This has made answering the phone with my usual 'Hello wewomen, Ursula speaking' quite difficult.

Progress report

Smile maker: Dr.Tim Bradstock-Smith © The London Smile Clinic
Smile maker: Dr.Tim Bradstock-Smith © The London Smile Clinic
The process of straightening my teeth with the Inman Aligner hasn't been as hard and fast as I was hoping - (I'd have liked a four week result!) but moving your teeth, even by millimeters takes time.

Each week I have had to increase the gap in my brace to expand my jaw by turning the key - this creates more space enabling my teeth to move into the new space provided while the front part of the brace deals with the straightening.

Each time I expand the gap I am really aware of the extra push on my teeth - it feels really tight and throbs for all of five minutes before my mouth adjusts and I'm once again used to the sensation of the aligner.

Having an Inman Aligner is an intensive process too - I see my dentist, Dr. Tim Bradstock Smith, at the London Smile Clinic every two to three weeks, where he will check on the movement of my teeth and sometimes he'll add in a few extras...

And what fun they are too.

Be prepared to have your teeth filed to create a touch more space for increased movement. This involves serrated strips of metal being passed in between your teeth like a dental floss session from hell.

While it's not painful it does feel very strange - the sensation of your teeth being chiseled down to size is a little disconcerting, but it's the sound of your teeth being ground down that is the worst - somehow everything is amplified when it comes to dentistry.

Another 'extra' to help the Inman Aligner to do it's job properly, is to have a blobs of composite filling attached to your teeth to ensure the brace is putting pressure on the right places.

After a good eight weeks lots of space has been created, my front teeth have been pushed forward from their backward tilting position and I can make out minute gaps between my front teeth that never existed before. It's amazing to see the changes - some days you don't think it is doing anything and then all of a sudden you notice your smile looking sleeker and straighter than ever.

Nonetheless my right and left incisors are still at a slightly twisted angle - something that Dr. Tim Bradstock-Smith just won't stand for (he doesn't have the title for 'Best Smile Make-Over of the Year' for nothing).

So, on my most recent trip to the London Smile Clinic I had a small blob of composite filling attached to my right incisor to prevent the front bar of the Aligner from riding up too high. Now the pressure is on my incisor to twist round a little, to give me a straight smile to be proud of.

Luckily this 'composite filling' is made from a white substance that blends perfectly with the color of my teeth, so it really is hard to spot.

And with that, I haven't got long to go - I've been wearing the brace as much as I'm able to - and if I'm really well behaved and hardly remove it from my mouth save for eating (and meetings and kissing - very important) then I could be ready to move onto the next stage of the process in as little as four weeks.

That's right - after you have had your initial brace, teeth grinding and composite blobs, you can swap your heavy-duty, lisp enhancing Inman Aligner for a rather lovely slimline version which looks like Invisalign - close fitting to your teeth and much less obstructive - you'd barely know it was there at all. Think of it as phase two.

But more of that later - when I get to that stage I'll be sure to give a full report!

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