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Fish Pedicures

Fish Pedicures


Where does the fish pedicure come from?

Happy feet: Garra Rufa fish are used to treat skin conditions and depression © Rex Features
Happy feet: Garra Rufa fish are used to treat skin conditions and depression © Rex Features
Fish pedicures originate from the middle east (Turkey to Thailand), as Garra Rufa fish naturally come from the fast flowing warm streams.

Their feeding habits involve scavenging food and consuming any form of dried material, like dead skin or scales of other fish.

Initially, they would have fed off larger fish or animals in the streams, but as humans bathed in the waters, the fish then ate away at human dead skin cells as well.

Legend has it that the therapy was originally discovered by a wounded shepherd when he fell into a river in the Silvas region of Turkey.

He found himself besieged by hundreds of hungry little fish intent on nibbling away at his injuries. The wounds miraculously healed and ever since, the people of the region have made use of the Garra Rufa’s unique flesh eating habits, using it as a treatment for everything from psoriasis to depression.


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