Fish Pedicures

Fish Pedicures



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The treatment has been criticized on issues of hygiene as the fish treat multiple feet each day, therefore there is a worry about catching verrucas or fungal infections.

However, most Fish Pedicure salons use similar procedures to keep the hygiene of the tanks at the highest level possible.

Fish pedicure expert Keiron Hart’s says fish pedicures should take place in plain glass tanks so there are limited areas for bacterial growth. “To minimize any risk I have a five stage filtration system in the tanks with UV sterilizers to kill off any bacteria, as the water is constantly filtered through the system.”

Appy Feet is a chain of 31 fish pedicure spas throughout the UK. At these salons, the fish are very rarely moved from their tanks in order to avoid any unnecessary stress, and at least 20% of the tank’s water, the advised amount, is changed every day in order to ensure a healthy environment for the fish.

Appy Feet’s tanks have a specially designed filtration system which sterilizes the water at least 5 times an hour, and the UV systems used ensure no diseases can live in the water, so check that your choice of spa is following similar guidelines.

Margarita Ciudac, a beauty therapist who uses the treatment in her salon, told the Times Online that, fish pedicures are not unsanitary. She said: “Fish are kept in a tank of water with an ultraviolet filter, so it’s safe.”

At many fish pedicure salons, prior to treatment customers are asked to rinse their
feet, to ensure feet are clean and to remove any excess sweat or dirt that could contain germs. This also allows staff to inspect for warts, verrucas, fungal nail or any other issues. Customers with any medical conditions or broken skin are generally not allowed to undertake the treatment.

There’s a lot to think about here ladies, so it might be worth checking what the hygiene method is for the salon you’d like to visit. But we have to say the thought of someone's ingrown toenails sharing the same water as you to get your feet nibbled by fish doesn't sound too much like a luxury experience.

It's best to think of fish pedicures as a maintenance treatment for dry skin, rather than a foot perfecting pamper session.


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