Fish Pedicures

Fish Pedicures


What are the benefits?

© George Doyle
© George Doyle
The treatment is said to be better than using razor blades or other harsh tools to scrub your feet and remove dry and dead skin cells.

Keiron Hart, owner of a number of fish pedicure salons, Tip Top Toes, in south Cumbria, says: “As the fish have no teeth and are only interested in dead or dry skin, they leave the healthy skin unaffected which is a kinder, softer way to exfoliate the skin, compared to using something like a pumice stone.”

During a fish pedicure, the fish suck and nibble away the dry skin from your feet, leaving you with healthy, rejuvenated skin. The fish can also stimulate acupuncture points, helping to regulate the nervous system, relax the body and release fatigue.

Due to the delicate approach of the fish, the treatment works well for symptoms of dry skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

It has even been suggested that the fish’s saliva contains a chemical that is found in eczema treatment creams. As well as dry skin conditions, the main use of the tanks is to improve the general smoothness of your skin by sucking away at the excess hard or dry skin around your nail beds and on the soles of your feet.

The fish are only interested in unhealthy or dead skin, and they can’t remove any healthy skin tissue so you’re not in any danger of doing any damage.

The treatment was voted fifth in the top ten alternative therapies by Time Magazine in December 2009 as the process is painless, the water is warm and the fish don’t tickle as much as you might imagine!


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