Adam Cohen, towards the light
The Real Adam Cohen

Adam Cohen: Intimate Confessions


Let’s go back to the beginning. Cohen may seem a little beat up by his long night, but he has a gentle’s almost as if he’s thanking me for my time. In logical stardom world, it would be the opposite. But Cohen does things his own way (he’ll later on explain the concept of his pyramide). The guy’s relaxed. As the day goes on, we’ll understand that’s his trademark: a 40ish guy who’s reached maturity, and is proud of his roots. 
Smiling, he chit-chats as he makes coffee. “Seriously, I think I was born with music,” he calls out. “I come from a musical family, so it was probably meant to be. And like any kid, music fascinated me. Then in my teens, I felt that music called to me and I had to answer that calling. I never came at life with another scenario in mind; that was what I was going to do.  I always felt it. It’s like a tree that grows: it doesn’t ask too many questions, it just goes towards the light.”
©Hazel Field - Adam Cohen: Intimate Confessions
©Hazel Field
Did your father’s music have an influence on your tastes?
“Obviously. His music has always been present, almost like it was mine. Maybe that’s why I don’t really look to it. It’s present and comfortable, like a bracelet you wear every day and forget you have on. I haven’t really looked back on his work. It’s been omnipresent and has confirmed everything I’ve done, including my lifestyle and the way I identified myself as a person, the interesting people that passed through our lives.”

Did you ask for his advice for Like A Man?
“I really appreciate his advice but I don’t want to impose on him like everyone else does. I like showing him what I’ve done and knowing that he’ll recognize where it comes from and his influence on me.”


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