Fear of flying, phobia

Fear of flying, phobia

Alexa, 32, Weymouth
There was no way I was ever getting on a plane - the mere idea of flying was enough to give me the shivers. I had a phobia of flying and that was that. My friends tried to get me on a plane by telling me it was the safest mofe of transport and quoting facts and figures at me but it was no use. I was always happy enough going on holiday somewhere accessible by land or sea. I didn't mind a 15-hour journey as opposed to a 2-hour flight: at least I knew I was going to get there alive! 

Then I met Alan, the love of my life. He was gentle, sensitive, very romantic and paid me lots of attention. For our first anniversary, he came to meet me after work, blindfolded me and drove me to the airport to jet away on a mystery holiday...and because I loved him I didn't say anything. I got on the plane and tried really hard not to show how scared I was. And it was fine - we've been on a plane together several times since because he loves going to faraway places, and I've never let on!

Sophie: This is the perfect cure for a phobia. We think the moment when the phobia disappears is the minute you step on the plane, but the symptoms actually stop a short time before that. We don't know how and why this happens, but the signs are there: Alexa trusts Alan and feels he's the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Through that trust, love can overcome fear. We often say that there are stages and milestones to get through in a relationship and this was definitely the case for Alexa. It bodes well for their future together.


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