I'm tired of being his mum!
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Tired of being his mum: organising yours and his social life


You love organizing, in fact you've got a reputation for being an expert at it: you organized Julie's surprise birthday party, you successfully juggled your 8 different wedding invites last summer, and you're already thinking about next year's Christmas party...

You've known for some time that anticipating and planning aren't exactly your boyfriend's strong points.

All that organization stuff goes straight over his head. He finds it far too complicated!

If he leaves you with the sole responsibility of organizing your social life, there's a good reason for it. "From an early age, his mother probably never gave him the opportunity to be autonomous," suggests psychotherapist Marie-France de Coquereaumont.

By planning too far ahead, whether for birthdays or day trips, she "cut off" his choices. Now that he's older, he avoids making his own decisions and therefore avoids making the wrong decisions. It's tiring for you but reassuring for him.

Just between us
It has to be said that in a relationship, the social role is often attributed to the woman. Yes, you're the all mighty when it comes to planning, organizing and coming up with ideas for evenings out. And in doing so, you perhaps help to prevent routine and boredom setting in. Your partner probably couldn't care less: you're all he needs.

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