Tired of being his mum: fed up being married to a child

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 - Tired of being his mum: fed up being married to a child
Tired of being his mum? We know exactly where you're coming from!

Once the emotions of the first few months have passed and the joys of the initial months living together are a distant memory, this is when you get to see the real him.

Socks left on the bedroom floor, a habit of constantly forgetting where you're supposed to be going Saturday night... he relies on you for everything, to the point that anyone would think you're his mum!

Before his childlike ways destroy your relationship, take a look at 5 common situations, decoded by our specialists, along with solutions so you can stop being his mum straightaway.

With thanks to:
- Sarah Sériévic, psychotherapist

- Florence Escaravage, relationship coach
- Marie-France de Coquereaumont, psychotherapist



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