Separate Beds: Could you benefit from sleeping apart?
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Allen Davey - co-founder of The British Snoring and Sleep Apnea Association
One couple who know all too well the detrimental effect a lack of sleep can have on health is Marianne and Allen Davey.


Desperate to find a solution to Allen’s snoring, they sought help but discovered there was such a lack of information that they founded The British Snoring and Sleep Apnea Association in 1991.


Through exhaustive research and communications with doctors and sleep researchers in the USA, the couple have developed a service which provides a vital service for snorers and their partners.


Allen’s snoring was so loud and Marianne’s sleep deprivation so severe, that the couple were forced to build an extension onto their house!


Marianne says: “It seems quite funny now but at the time it was pretty horrendous. If you speak to any bed partner of a snorer, they will describe the same sort of set-up. You go to bed and you actually can’t go to sleep because you know at some time or another that the snoring is going to start up.

You go to bed and you cannot relax because you are anxious and the snorer is anxious because you’re saying ‘you are not going to snore tonight are you?’


We know that snoring is not something you can will yourself not to do, so often you have two anxious people lying awake. Finally, the snorer will probably drop off to sleep and inevitably start snoring leaving the non-snorer lying awake."


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