Create jealousy, revive a relationship


 - Create jealousy, revive a relationship
This isn't meant to put your relationship in peril, so take care! You've probably worked out that it's about creating a bit of jealousy subtly and stirring up his macho side. If he's not paying you enough attention, make it understood that others may have eyes for you too. However, don't take it too far if your partner is already very possessive or if his jealousy tends to cause arguments.

Step 1: You're in front of the TV and he only has eyes for the football match. Swoon over one of the players and in a dreamy voice say: "It's funny, he reminds me of my new boss"...

Step 2: The next day, put a football calendar up on the fridge. Sigh loudly as you gaze at the photos of the fit sportsmen.

Step 3: He's watching another match and still hasn't batted an eyelid at you. In a soft voice, say to him: "Did I tell you that my new boss, the one who looks just like Michael Owen, plays football too? Unusual for an engineer, isn't it?" Leave him to simmer.

Step 4: On Thursday, announce that you're spending Friday evening watching the big game with your colleagues in a bar. It's a great idea your new boss had. It's a safe bet that your partner will very quickly forget about the game he's watching and start paying more attention to you!


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