Survey: You and your relationship



Survey results:
Q1 - Who made the first move?
65 %
27 %
You can't remember
7 %
Q2 - When you argue:
You're always the one who ends up saying sorry
26 %
You both admit you were wrong and make up
48 %
You wait for him to come and apologise to you
25 %
Q3 - What are you like in bed?
Passive - you ususally let him take charge
27 %
Active - you're often the one who takes the initiative
13 %
Either - it depends how you're feeling at the time
58 %
Q4 - If he ever cheated on you, what would you do?
You'd be devastated, but you'd forgive him
39 %
You'd leave him straight away
50 %
You'd do all you could to get your own back
10 %
Q5 - Do you talk politics with him?
Yes, you have the same views
24 %
Yes - you don't always agree, but you respect each other's opinions
47 %
No, it's best avoided - he doesn't like you to contradict him
20 %
Yes but he doesn't think the same way as you, and you don't like it
7 %
Q6 - Who drives?
It depends who wants to and who's tired
43 %
He always drives
43 %
You always drive
12 %
Q7 - Who decides how you bring up your children?
You decide on your own most of the time
24 %
You make every decision together
61 %
You let him have the last word - he's the father figure of authority!
13 %
Q8 - How do you run your household?
He lends a hand when you ask him to
43 %
You cook, garden and do DIY together
23 %
You do everything
13 %
You do the cooking, shopping and housework and he does the gardening and DIY
19 %
Q9 - Who controls your accounts?
He does - you hate numbers
27 %
You do - he never thinks to do it
32 %
Whoever thinks to do it first
40 %
Q10 - How do you feel about who earns the most?
He likes to earn more than you, just so he feels like the breadwinner
16 %
It doesn't matter who earns the most
66 %
You want to earn at least as much as him so that you're totally independent
17 %
Q11 - Who pays the bill when you eat out?
He usually he does the gallant thing
53 %
You go halves
8 %
You take it in turns
31 %
You pay because he's always broke
6 %
Q12 - Who organises your social life and nights out?
He normally does - he's got loads of friends
15 %
You normally do - he's not very organised
23 %
It depends on the occasion
61 %
Q13 - Do you ever go out separately?
Yes, you have your girls' nights out and he watches the footy with the lads
47 %
He likes going out with his mates but someone has to look after the kids - usually you!
8 %
What with the gym, going to the cinema, getting your nails done etc, your diary's pretty full, but he tends to stay at home
7 %
You only go out together
36 %
Q14 - Who decides what film you watch?
You read the reviews and decide between you
30 %
You take it in turns to choose
45 %
He chooses, because he hates everything you like
15 %
You choose, because he knows nothing about good films
8 %
Q15 - How old are you?
57 %
21 %
13 %
6 %
Q16 - Do you have children?
38 %
61 %



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