Relationship resolutions

Keep his friends close…


© CREATAS / Jupiterimages
© CREATAS / Jupiterimages
Keep his friends close

Like it or not, if his friends aren’t keen, you’re going to find yourself on rocky ground sooner or later.

On the other hand, get them in your corner and the battle’s half won. First off, giving him a bit of space when he’s out with the boys will always be appreciated.

Turning up at the pub halfway through the football however will not be, no matter how well you’ve revised the offside rule.

Resolution #4 - Learn to love his mates

When you do meet his mates, play to your strengths. Lending a female ear to their relationship grief usually goes down well, as does keeping a sense of humor about you.

"My girlfriend made herself very popular by giving as good as she got,’ says Ed, 26. ‘If you can give out a bit of banter, you can become one of the gang, rather than just The Girlfriend."

Above all you don’t want to come across as the nagging girlfriend. There’s nothing worse than doling out a dressing-down in public, so wait until you’re alone if you need to give him both barrels! 


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