Relationship resolutions

Down, boy!


Down, boy!

When it comes to sex, obliging us every time we get the urge would mean you’d never get anything else done!

However, turning it down is a sure-fire way to give the male ego a thorough kicking, so a bit of tact is required.

As Joe, 32 from Croydon, recalls, "My ex often said she was too tired for sex. It’d get really awkward as I didn’t really know how to react."

Resolution #3 - No more "headaches"

Keren Smedley says communication, again, is key.

Rather than resorting to excuses - tell him how you're really feeling.

"If it only happens occasionally, explain why, ask for a cuddle instead and reassure him that tomorrow will be different." Says Smedley,

"If it's happening a lot then there may be a problem with the amount you're working, with stress, even with your hormones. This needs to be tackled and talked about."

We blokes don’t have to deal with the mayhem of hormones, so we need it explaining when they come into play. If there’s something that needs sorting, don’t keep us in the dark.

We can be quite understanding given half a chance!


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