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How to handle a badly-dressed boyfriend
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How to handle a badly-dressed boyfriend

Relationship advice: bad clothes

Your boyfriend has tons of qualities.. but knowing how to dress himself isn't one of them. So that multi-colored shirt made you both laugh when he opened it on Christmas Day, but seriously, what is it still doing in his wardrobe? His clothes are a major turn off and if you don't speak up soon you could end up not fancying him at all.

Best avoided

Don't use a maternal tone of voice e.g. "there's a good boy, run along now and change your shirt ". This way of talking to him could drive him into a corner and make him not want to grant your request. Make sure you don't belittle him either by letting your irritation show.
Best way forward
It's a known fact that men like concrete solutions: "Suggest an alternative to what he's got on, maybe by showing him a photo in a magazine or by suggesting a trip to the shops," says Francis Cautain.

"Bring up all the advantages he'll come across as a result of his new updated look." A more captivating reflection in the mirror, a trimmer figure, glances from people in the street, more respect at work, a promotion, a girlfriend who finds him more attractive than ever...

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