Relationship advice: communication in relationships

Relationship advice: should you tell him eveyrthing?
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Relationship advice: Should you tell him everything?

Relationship advice for boyfriend trouble:

Experts say communication in a relationship is key. We tell you how it's done, what to talk about and what's best left alone.

Think honesty is always the best policy? Well ask anyone in a couple for relationship advice and you mind find they have other ideas. In order to keep the peace, some say that certain subjects should be approached with extreme care... or in other cases avoided altogether.

Talking about your exes, your past sex life, your mother-in-law, your views on cheating, or constantly bring up the matter of engagement and babies, ('will we ever do that, darling?'), may have a negative impact on your relationship.

However the best relationship advice you'll ever get for boyfriend trouble is that communication in a relationship is key

Check out our expert relationship advice so you can master the art of dealing with sensitive subjects and situations, without hurting his feelings.

Boys are sensitive souls afterall.
With thanks to Philippe Geffroy, psychotherapist and coach; Francis Cautain, marriage psychotherapist; and Jean-Paul Benglia, author.

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