Your real-life stories: unforgettable Valentine's Days
A romantic Valentine's night
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A romantic Valentine's night

Helen, 36, mum of two, Chichester
Two years ago, my parents turned up at the house unexpectedly on Valentine's Day. My mum sent me off to the beautician's and the hairdresser's while she looked after the twins. Afterwards, my husband picked me up and took me out to dinner before driving us to a lovely hotel where he'd reserved a room.

He'd planned everything with the help of my parents. I had a wonderful day and night, alone with Alan and far from the tears, tantrums and nappies back at home.

Charlotte, 28, advertising manager, Liverpool

We were having lunch at Michael's parent's one weekend at the end of January. During dessert, his parents handed us a fancy-looking envelope. It was neither mine nor Michael's birthday so we were a bit unsure what was going on.

We opened the envelope to find that they'd paid for us to stay in a B&B on Valentine's night. It was such a lovely gesture. I've heard so many horror stories about step-mothers but I really have nothing to complain about with mine!

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