Your real-life stories: unforgettable Valentine's Days
Big surprises on Valentine's Day
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Big surprises on Valentine's Day

John, 45, estate agent, Inverness
20 years ago, I asked Sandra on Valentine's Day if she'd marry me. What could be more romantic?! Every Valentine's Day since, we remember this special moment. This year, my wife is going to be turning 50 so for Valentine's Day, I'm going to invite her out for dinner.

A bit run-of-the-mill you might be thinking but before going to the restuarant, we're going to go for a walk. We'll pass by a garage where they sell Minis. As always, she'll stop and gaze at these little cars that she adores so much. I'm going to suggest she sits down at the wheel of one before handing over a cushion which the garage owner will have placed the keys on... the keys to her very own Mini! I've just bought her one. I can't wait to see her reaction!

Kerry, 22, student, London
Sam invited me out to dinner in a fancy restaurant in the capital. After a lovely meal, we got in his car and kissed passionately, like in the movies! He then drove me back home.

We arrived at my place and went in the kitchen where I found an enormous present with "Happy St Valentine's! Love Sam" written on it. I ripped off the paper and found.... a washing machine! Not very glamorous I know but I was really pleased about it. He knew how much I hated going to the launderette on Sundays and this put an end to it!

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