Office romance? How to make it work
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How to have a good break up
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How to have a good break up

Now we don't want to suggest that it's all going to go wrong with the guy you're dating from the office, but let's be realistic, it might well go tits up.

If things do go pear shaped then there are a few things you can do to make a break up smoother.

Keeping the relationship on the down low, or at least not being showy about it, can be a good damage limitation measure.

Rasheed's top tip is to make sure that work doesn't become your whole life. If you're going out with someone at work, when that relationship ends your whole world can seem to crumble as you had a lot invested in that one office.

Make sure that when you do start up an office romance, you still have lots of other things going on in your life. See your friends and family, even taking up a hobby can help add balance to your life.

Chatting to your partner about how you will both act if it all goes wrong is a good idea too.

As Rasheed says, like all relationships, office romances can be good, bad and indifferent, but with these tips you can make sure you protect your career while keeping your love life alive.

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