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Your experiences relating to sharing housework


 - Your experiences relating to sharing housework
You feisty ladies certainly have strong opinions about housework! Heer's what you had to say...

We row about the housework all the time. When he suggests I clean up it drives me mad, and whenever I used to do the ironing when he was there doing nothing it would always lead to a row. Now he goes out to do the shopping or looks after our daughter when I'm doing housework. I usually end up doing it all and getting stressed out with him.   
Lucy, 27, married for a year

The only thing we ever argue about is housework. My boyfriend never takes the rubbish out when the bin's full, never folds and puts dry clothes away, always leaves his mug wherever he is when he finishes it, and leaves trails of clothes on the bedroom floor. We have one solid rule: whoever makes dinner doesn't do the dishes. I pretty much do all the rest, usually in a huff. I often make him feel guilty about it, it's the only thing that works! For example, I'll wait 'til he's watching a DVD and get the vacuum cleaner out, then I'll make a fuss about him never helping.
Anne-Marie, 26, in a relationship for a year

I do practically everything but he thinks he does a lot because he often cooks dinner (I get home late from work). We argue quite a lot, because I complain about having to tidy and clean everything, and he treats me like some kind of clean freak. My name might be Kim, but I don't work with Aggie!
Kim, 36, married for eight years


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