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Housework and conflict in relationships: survey results


Survey results:
Q1 - At home, you feel like you do:
Half of the housework
100 %
The majority of the housework
0 %
Not much of the housework
0 %
All of the housework
0 %
Q2 - You argue with your partner about household chores:
0 %
33 %
66 %
On a daily basis
0 %
Q3 - Sharing the housework is:
100 %
Not important
0 %
Not that important to you, but a real issue for some women
0 %
Q4 - If you argue, it's usually over:
Doing the dishes
0 %
Tidying up
66 %
33 %
0 %
0 %
0 %
Looking after the kids
0 %



Results of our survey
Love & Sex Editor
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