Is it love or lust? Test yourself!

You're in two minds

You're in two minds

You're not sure about your relationship
Is it love or lust? You're not sure yourself. Whether because of fear or genuine uncertainty, you can't work out what feelings are driving you. And does he really love you? You just don't know! 
What if he doesn't really love you? Whether you're aware of it or not, you're trying to protect yourself from getting hurt by not investing too much in your relationship. You don't give much of yourself so that if it all goes pear-shaped you won't be hurt, but while you don't have any proof he loves you, you're also suppressing impulses and feelings that you shouldn't deny.

Your strong points: You're not the sort to rush headlong into a relationship with just anyone. You're very level-headed, and you need to know exactly what you're getting into. You value love and you don't take your decisions lightly. 

Your weak points: You struggle to trust him, and you really need to know exactly what he's thinking, so you wait for him to show you he loves you without investing enough of yourself in your relationship.

Take a few risks and go for it
Are you thinking too much? Stop asking yourself questions and live for the moment a bit! You wait for him to show you he loves you, and you're not active enough in your relationship. Show your emotions and stop trying to work out what he's thinking all the time. Whatever happens you can't lose, because you'll be in touch with your true feelings. 



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