How to know when a relationship is over
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Know your boundaries
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Know your boundaries

We're the first to admit that every relationship is different and, while there are some general warning signs to consider, only you can truly know if a relationship is over.

Search deep in your heart: is it time to say goodbye?

"What might break one relationship may barely hurt another," says Kate. "I’d advise everyone to have boundaries that they stick to wherever possible: know what you personally can and can’t handle."

If you know you and your partner just can't reach a satisfying compromise on how your relationship is going to work, then it's time to set each other free.

Ending something that's not working can be extremely liberating, and if you know deep down that it's inevitable, you may as well step up to the plate right away.

Kate puts it simply: "Strong relationships only form when people who are right for one another get together."

We hate to say it, but if you know deep down that you're not right together, then your relationship is over.

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