How to know when a relationship is over
A heavy silence
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A heavy silence

He hasn't called, he hasn't texted, he hasn't emailed... And it's been nearly an hour!

Every relationship differs in terms of how often you get in touch with each other, but don't panic too much over a moment of silence.

"Don’t be one of those daters who can’t resist texting, 'Are we OK? :(' after only 24 hours of silence," warns Kate. "Some people fall into a pattern of battling with self-confidence by taking silence too personally, and go on the defensive immediately."

That's not healthy for your wellbeing, and it's not attractive either. 

Nevertheless, if you're not getting as much contact as you need from a relationship, it might be time to call it off. Kate advises not to wallow in self-pity.

"Instead, ask yourself, 'Is this enough for me?'" she says. "If it's not, then get busy, make plans with your friends and try to get out more to find people who WANT to meet up with you."

Remember your relationship is just one part of your life where you can find happiness - there are plenty of other ways - and people that can make you feel fulfilled. 

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